An Eco Friendly Alternative to Wood

HempWood - Pen Blanks

Pen Blanks

Reel Lumber Service is proud to be the first lumber company in the United States to offer Hempwood!

Each board is unique in grain pattern and we offer both plain sawn & rift sawn.

Every board is 4/4" (1 inch) thick X 4' in length X 5-1/4" width.

Developed in Kentucky, this unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lumber is suitable for any interior woodworking project. All hemp growth and material production is conducted in the United States of America. 

We accept all major cards and PayPal as payment methods.

If you plan on ordering more than 10 boards please contact us about bulk prices and different shipping options. 

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Plain Sawn HempWood Board

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Rift Sawn HempWood Board

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The HempWood Builders

Back in November of 2019 we got our hands on 25 boards and distributed them to five prominent SoCal builders. The woodworkers then custom fabricated builds out of HempWood and on February 6th we held an exhibition of their creations. Enjoy these handcrafted HempWood designs by Justin of Justin WoodWorks, Joanie Sprague, Brandon of Monkwood Studio, Ashley of She’s The Carpenter and a future build by Chris of Foureyes Furniture. Chris is allowing his fans to choose his HempWood build!

Plain Sawn Hempwood

Rift Sawn Hempwood

Design by Monkwood Studio

Design By Justin WoodWorks

Design By Joanie Sprague

Design By She's The Carpenter

HempWood Videos

  • Daniel Reel-Clark

  • Reel Lumber Service was the first company to visit the Hempwood manufacturing plant.

Daniel Reel-Clark

Reel Lumber Service was the first company to visit the Hempwood manufacturing plant.

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